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Revolutionary Trade to Farm protocol

every transaction has a 3% tax

Burn & dev fee

Every Transaction has a 0.5% burn & dev fee. The burn allows every trade to lower overall supply. The dev supply allows for continued events and progress of development.

Instant Holders Earn

1% of the transaction fee is distributed to all holders of the ecosystem

Farming Slots

There are 5 farming slots. Only Buy transactions are automatically added to the first farming slot. The buyer will earn extra MOR from every transaction. The buyer will move to the next slot only if there is another buy transaction until the buyer is pushed out of the 5th slot, where he/she will need to re-buy to enter the farming slot to earn more!

Web3 Dashboard

Data around the ecosystem and a leaderboard to provide additional rewards

Farming Events

Portion of the event supply will be transferred back and forth to reward all holders + reward farmers + create maximum burn.

You Decide!

Community Driven Events and Features through governance voting

March-April 2021

  • Launch Mirror on BSC
  • Web3 Dashboard
  • Event Countdowns
  • Initial Marketing
  • Quarter 2

  • Build out social media to different groups
  • NFT airdrops based on various metrics
  • Pool
  • Marketing
  • Q3

  • Community Vote & Features